A family, the witnesses to our elopement, ice skating on Ice Lakes, nestled in the San Juan mountains.
December 31st, 2017.



mission statement

VEMWELL exists to allocate holistic wellness by creating mindful and sustainable photographic imagery.

artist statement

With an emotional aptitude for creating sincere art, the work of VEMWELL embraces the simplistic beauty of the holistic. Through sustainable practices, each photograph is constructed with natural light then composed on black and white film. Their inimitable approach to storytelling is fueled by their passion to document the inherent stillness of nature and humanity in its most organic forms.


Composed of two artists working as one, Zachary and Ashley Vemwell are the visionaries behind VEMWELL.
Upon eloping on Ice Lakes in the San Jaun mountains in 2017, they founded their name and business from their values of minimalism, sustainability, and holistic wellness. Through living slowly and mindfully, they have shaped their work and lives - guided by their practices of meditation and yoga. They believe their true purpose in life is the pursuit of soundness of mind and body through the natural world and sharing this profound experience on film.
Today the Vemwell’s are thriving on the Pacific Northwest, working as fine art photographers and actively pursuing various projects for future exhibition, selling fine art prints, and photographing elopements under Elopements by Vemwell.